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What is O arrangement X arrangement?

O arrangement (BACK-TO-BACK)

With the ‘back to back’ bearing pair the inner rings are claimed together. The contact angle lines between the outer ring raceway, ball and inner raceway diverge. This results in a maximum spread giving high rigidity. This is the reason why this type of duplex bearing is most commonly used. 


1)Less sensitive to the thermal gradient than face-to-face arrangement

2)Easy mounting on the shaft

3)Self contained assembly on the shaft

Disadvantages :

1)Higher sensitivity to misalignment than face-to-face

2)Difficult dismounting

X Arrangement (FACE-TO-FACE)

With the ‘face to face’ bearing pair the outer rings are claimed together. The contact lines converge resulting in a smaller spread and more elastically.


1)Higher misalignment capabilities than back-to-back

2)Permits disassembly in screw compressors without destroying one of the bearing


1)No self-contained assembly on the shaft

2)More sensitive to thermal gradient than back-to-back

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