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How to solve the heating problems of electrical spindle bearings?

Since the rotation speed of the electrical spindle is very high, it has very strict requirements on dynamic and thermal states of electrical spindle bearings. 

Except few super-high speed spindles are using magnetic bearings and hydrodynamic lubrication radial bearings. Most of high speed electrical spindle bearings are angular contact ball bearing with Si3N4 roller. In order to lower the spindle bearing temperature increasing, GD-2 electrical bearing adopts oil-gas lubrication system, which using the distribution valve to supply the oil-gas mixture to different parts according to practical condition at fixed time and fixed quantity. To ensure that every part isn’t lack of lubrication and ensure the lubrication is suitable, which will not lead to large temperature increasing, and lower the pollution to environment.


Meanwhile, the choose of electrical spindle bearing is also very important, which will directly affect the service life and performance of the CNC machine and the spindle. XEZ is the most professional manufacturer for precision angular contact ball bearing. Precision level p4/p2. XEZ has focused on precision bearing research for 26 years, widely used in CNC machine bearing, electrical spindle bearing, carving machine bearing and other industries. Our bearings’ service life is much longer than our competitors. XEZ bearings are the best choice for replacing imported bearings. XEZ bearings are the best partners for high standard CNC machines!

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