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How to cut your loss in the bearing application process?

To save your spending and cut your loss, here XEZ has concluded some matters needing attention:

1. Users need to check and maintain the bearings regularly in your daily using. And pay attention when you install the bearing. There are strict methods for assemble/disassemble, cleaning and testing.

2. When you assemble or disassemble different series and sizes of bearings, it requires different tools and methods, some is mechanical and some is hydraulic. Bearing should be assembled in clean room. Bearings should be cleaned up before assembling. The slope of inner ring should be upside, should be flexible. After drying, fixed quantity oil or grease should be put in. Bearings assembling should use special tools, strength should be uniform, beating is prohibited. Bearings should be stored in clean and ventilate place, without any corrosive gas, relative humidity should be ≤ 65%. If bearings are stored for a long time, timely rust removal is necessary.

3. Cleaning is very important for XEZ bearings, dirty will greatly affect the precision of the bearings. If the smooth roller is polluted, it will lead to partly pressure to bearings under the crush of rollers, which will cause the permanent fatigue of materials.

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