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Exhibition Preview | XEZ Bearing makes a wonderful appearance at the 2020 DMP Industry Fair


On November 24-27, 2020, the 23rd DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo will be held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (new hall). In 2020, the industrial revolution centered on "quality change, efficiency change, and power change" will promote the intelligent transformation, digital transformation, and explosive development of the industrial Internet in my country's manufacturing industry, and will inject new vitality into China's economic recovery. As a part of the national industrial base, XEZ Bearing will bring six major precision products to the exhibition.

1. Time and place:

The 22nd DMP International Mould, Metal Processing, Plastic and Packaging Exhibition

Time: November 24-27, 2020

Venue: China·Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (hereinafter referred to as "DMP")

DateExhibition Time
November 24
November 2509:30-17:00
November 2609:30-17:00
November 27


2. Registration

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Scan the QR code to register.Please bring essential items such as ID cards and masks with you.

3. The location of Wuxi XEZ Bearing

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XEZ Bearing booth is located at No. 5A12 of Hall 5 , which can be reached directly from Gate 3 of Hall 5 in the Exhibition Hall. XEZ Bearing booth is located near the escalator in the exhibition hall. You are welcome to visit.

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4. XEZ exhibits

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5. Booth Service

Under normalized epidemic prevention and control, XEZ Bearing will provide meticulous and considerate booth services. Regular disinfection work will be carried out in all parts of the booth, and various disinfection supplies including disinfectant, alcohol, and hand sanitizer will be provided to provide a more secure and safe negotiation environment for all friends who come to the Wuxi Second Axis booth.

All Wuxi second-axis booth staff will welcome every visitor with a positive, healthy, enthusiastic and full spirit, and provide the most professional consulting services.

6. Weather conditions

During the exhibition, the temperature in Shenzhen is milder and the weather is more comfortable. It is recommended to wear a thin coat, windbreaker, cardigan sweater and other spring and autumn transitional clothing.


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